TOWARDS BLACKNESS /Za našega prijatelja Joa – For our friend Joe/
Glasba / Musica / Music: Bohdana Frolyak
Koreografija: Dana Petretič & Siniša Bukinac
Ples: Romana Fičur in Siniša Bukinac

So, Joe, I just want to tell you how amazing experience this is. Talking to you through this channel, I really do not think that I am talking to myself. I feel you can hear me. 

While balancing in strange media between pure relief and chosen tasks you have put upon yourself, you are being occupied with different thoughts. You are not moving, because they tell you not to. You are not touching anything, and yet you do not fly. Your body have provided you some kind of trap or resting mode. As you are investigating it, there are few important things you have to know.  You did not arrive there without a reason.  I believe you are safe there. Safe from the pressure in your head,
safe from mistakes, safe from ordinary life. But you are not safe from thoughts. Thoughts are keeping me on the spot as well. So, let’s not keep to them, because you and I, we are made from dreams. 

To make some more dreams, you must help me. You must also help everyone else around you, cause all the people you know, we are all helpless.  Why? Well, Joe, right now there is someone, who can see excellent dancers all around, but better father for him there is none.

No matter how unwise this may sound, you must stop thinking. Come here to this sleepy, heavy and painful day so I can hit you and hug you and kiss you, and we can celebrate this life.

Only what we do in life, may be taken to the eternity. You know that. 

I have brought some people here, and believe me, they would freak out to see you dancing on this stage, again. You can bet, I am going to repeat this over and over again, until you move your arm to crash these speakers down.